Individuals from ADRIC who joined Palestine Gendarmerie

I have identified 159 T/Cadets who went on to the Paletine Gendarmerie plus 11 T/Constables who served in ADRIC (note that there were 2 "sorts" of T/Constable - ADRIC who worked with the ADRIC Companies. And RIC who were mainlt mechanics ar Gormanston

The majority of ADRIC T/Cadets became humble Constables in Palestie (so earned 10/- per day in place of 20/- that they had earned in Ireland) (90 went to Palestine as Constables, 40 as Sergeants, 9 as head Constables and 1 as Station Sergeant. In addition, the ADRIC supplied 19 of the original 41 British Palestine Gendarmerie officers.

RIC but not ADRIC

Temporary Constables from ADRIC. 9 as Constable and 2 as S/Sgts

A number of other Palestine Police deaths include

Palestine Gendarmerie