ADRIC Company Structure

The ADRIC Strength Book extract available in HO records shows that the first Companies A to H had a structure of 4 platoons each with 3 Sections, and with 7 T/Cadets plus a section Leader making up a company. On top of that there was a Company commander, his Deputy, a Platoon Commander for each Platoon, an Intelligence Officer, a CQM and and Assistant CQM and a Transport Supervisor.

In its maturity ADRIC had 17 Operational Companies (K had by then been disbanded). Plus S and Z Companies which were specialist companies and smaller, plus Depot and HQ Companies

From 18 Nov 1920 onwards, the Companies lost a Platoon to Companies under formation, and from then on the Company structure was for there only to be 3 Platoons, with the same command structure. It is difficult to say whether this was the original intention of Crozier (that is to train a Platoon of a new company as part of an existing company, so that it formed a trained nucleus of each new company. Or whether a decision was pragmatically made in Nov 1920 to alter the number of platoons in each company from 4 to 3. Looking at the Numeric and Alphabetic Registers, it would appear that the plan was the former. In other words an extra platoon was added to existing companies, with the knowledge that it would be later moved to its final destination with a new company. If one looks at the men in K Company, a platoon was moved from E company to form K Company's first platoon, but All the men in that company are shown to have been posted to K Coy originally (and not to E)

Prior to 18 Nov 1920 the record shows 4 Platoons and an average of about 106 men per Company. These are the 10 management job in the chart above, plus 12 Sections of 7 T/Cadets plus a Section leader (i.e. 96 plus 10 in the Company)

After 18 Nov 1920, the ADRIC evolved into a 3 Platoon structure of about 81 men per Company .These are the now 9 management jobs in the chart above, plus 9 Sections of 7 T/Cadets plus a Section Leader (i.e. 72 plus 9 in the Company)

The transfers shown in the Strength Book at the end of November are 25, 24, 24, 23, 16, 20. The variance depending on whether Platoon Commanders or Administrative officers were included in the transfer. The first 4 transfers of 25, 24, 24, 23 are a platoon of 3 sections. 16 and 20 were consecutive daily transfers from E Coy to K Coy and are a Platoon plus Admin officers

E Company Officers

The ranking structure was