Veterans and Drivers

Temporary Constables and Veterans, were attached to the Auxiliary Division.  My calculation below shows that there were about 30 Temp Constables allocated to each ADRIC Company. They were separate from the Black & Tan Constables who were part of the Regular RIC

1920 Dec 13 to 1921 Jan 24 Short SE In command no2 Vets

To establish the numbers is an inexact science

From 6 January 1920 recruiting to the Royal Irish Constabulary was extended outside of Ireland to candidates with military experience to supplement the native Irish force. By July 1921 the recruits numbered

Alphabetic List - probably the best way to check T/Constables is alphabetically. There are almost 1000 named with ADRIC number , and a further 1000 with no ADRIC number

Numeric List - not straightforward as there are at least 3 lists with different numbers for each man. I don't think that the numeric ADRIC numbers are accurate enough to use.

The first ADRIC Temp Constable had the RIC no 72754 and the last RIC no 83712

There was a pause in the recruiting of Temp Constables once the truce was announced, and no appointments at all were made between the Truce and l Oct 1921, after which all appointments were to Temp Constables and none as permanent constables. I recorded individual names up to RIC no 83100. After that there were 643 temp constables appointed (this number includes 25 former RIC and DMP, and a handful of Temp Cadets), with the last recruits in 7 Dec 1921