Major Bernard Edgar Aylwin MC, QSA, RASC

1881 Mar 13 born Bushey, Herts

1881 census at Paddock Road, Bushey, Herts

1901 Mar 17. Trooper 13463 in the 73rd (Paget's Horse) Company, transferred 1902 from 19th Battalion. The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901

1902 Jan 9. Deed of partnership between Cuthbert Coates Smith and Bernard Edgar Aylwin to trade for five years as engineers as The Vaal Motor and Launch Company. Cuthbert Coates Smith of Herne Hill, engineer, and Bernard Edgar Aylwin of West End Lane, then Middlesex, engineer, traded as The Vaal Motor and Launch Company and were based at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham.

1902 Jan 7. 1st County of London (Rough Riders), Bernard Edgar Aylwin, Gent., to be Second Lieutenant.

1904 Jun 11. The City of London (Rough Riders), Second Lieutenant B. E. Aylwin resigns his Commission.

1905 Papers collected by the solicitors in the course of their work, comprising an agreement settling a dispute as to boundary line dividing plot of land no. 22, owned by Edwin Brier Woodford, from plot no. 21, owned by George Allen Aylwin, on Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, 1904; and assignment of debt of £36 15s. 3d. due to George Slark from Cuthbert Coates Smith and Bernard Edgar Aylwin, carrying on business as motor boat manufacturers under style of The Vaal Motor and Launch Company at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, 1905.

1910 " The photographs which are reproduced on this page were taken during the preliminary trials, over very rough ground, of a Marshall heavy-oil tractor which has been built to meet the requirements of Mr. Bernard Aylwin, of Patagonia, who; in our issue of the 25th August, 1910, contributed an illustrated article on Mechanical Transport in Southern Patagonia," in which country practically the whole of the farmers are engaged in the rearing of sheep. The absence of fodder in the district lying between the sheep farms and the coast renders it imperative that mechanical means be employed for transporting the wool from the farm to the coast, and materials for fencing and other operations from the coast to the farm. Experiments had been made with a large number of machines, but nothing really suitable had, at that time, been offered, although the U.S.A. had tried. Shortly after his arrival in this country, Mr. Aylwin sought. our advice on the subject of a works in this country which was fitted to undertake the production of a suitable machine, and, as a result of that meet ing, Marshall, Sons and Co., Ltd., of Gainsborough, has produced the machine which is shown in the photographs. As yet, it is unfinished, and some of the piping and small details are of a temporary nature. When completed, the machine will have all its parts thoroughly encased, so that they may come to no harm by the grinding action of the dust which is so prevalent in Patagonia, and an awning will be fitted. The preliminary trials took place on Scotter Common—about 10 miles from Gainsborough, and it is there that the final trials will be held in a fortnight's time. In the final trials, the tractor will be expected to haul four trailers, each with a load of four tons, through ditches, over obstacles, and, in fact, over anything that comes in the way. The class of country is clearly typified in the views reproduced. This tractor has a four-cylinder vertical engine of the type which is fitted to Marshall's military tractor, a 100mile, non-engine-stop test with which machine was observed by one of our Editorial representatives, and recorded in our issue of the 24th February, 1910,

1914 Nov 26. Arrives in UK from Argentina. He is an engineer

1915. Mar 8. ASC. The undermentioned to be temporary 2nd Lieutenants: Bernard Edgar Aylwin.

1915 Jun 6. ASC. B. E. Aylwin.The undermentioned temporary Second Lieutenants to be temporary Lieutenants

1915 Aug 1. The undermentioned temporary Lieutenants to be temporary Captains: ASC. B. E. Aylwin.

1918 Jan 10 MC Gazetted. T./Capt. Bernard Edgar Aylwin, A.S.C. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. For many nights in succession he took convoys of lorries carrying ammunition to battery positions through very severe hostile shelling. He never failed to deliver the ammunition, setting a magnificent example to his men by his personal gallantry and disregard for his own safety. On many occasions he was of the greatest assistance to the traffic, returning to the roads under heavy shell fire to warn approaching traffic, thereby saving many casualties. His fearlessness and devotion were beyond all praise

1919 Dec 5. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. on completion of service: — Temp. Capt B. E. Aylwin, M.C., and is granted the rank of Maj.

1920, 21, 22. Camden Electoral Roll at 26 Willow Rd with Ethel Anne Hanworth Aylwin. (his mother)

1920 Oct 28 Joined ADRIC with service no 902

1920 Oct 28 Appointed Temp DI 1 with RIC Transport Division (he appears to have gone straight into RIC Transport

1921 On voters register at 26 WILLOW ROAD, Camden with Ethel Anne Hanworth Alwin (his mother)

1923 Feb 3. Leaves UK for Canada. He is an engineer. Travels 3rd class. UK address is 126 the Green, Croft Gdns, Finchley

1927 May 27 leaves UK for Canada. His job is "farming" and he lives in Canada.

1933 Nov 23 Arrives UK from Canada, He is in Mining and intends living in UK

1939 Register At Selling Vicarage , Swale R.D., Kent. He is an author of fiction and an Air Raid Warden. The vicar is Rev Hubert Houseman, 7 years older than him. He only appears to have had one book published "The Simple Savage"

1940 Jun 26. The undermentioned are granted commissions for the duration of hostilities as Pilot Officers on probation: — Bernard Edgar AYLWIN (85043).

1941 May 18. The undermentioned resign their commissions : Bernard Edgar AYLWIN (85043).

1945/1961 On Hampstead Electoral Roll.

1961 Apr/Jun Died Islington, London aged 80