John Cyprian Hedley, DSO, MC, C de G

He is wearing Royal Artillery cap badge - enlisted as a Gunner 1939 - 1942

1889 Jul 5.Born Edmonton, Middlesex

1891 census at 1 Malvern Rd, Hornsey

1901 Census at 11 Malvern Rd, Hornsey

1907 May 21. Enlists at Alexandra Palace in Royal Irish Rifles

1907 Sep 13 Transfers to 11th Hussars

1908 Sep 17 . Transfers to 13th Hussars. At this time the 13th Hussars were stationed in Secunderabad (satellite town of Hyderabad) in southern India.

1910 Oct. Regiment moves to Meerut from Secunderabad

1911 census John Cyprian Headley born Hornsey, London aged 22. Private in 13th Hussars Regt, Meerut, India

1914 Nov 18. The Hussars leave India at 9am in the morningin a convoy that would take them to France with the Meerut Cavalry Brigade as part of 2nd Indian Cavalry Division.

1914 Dec 15. Land at Marseille and are taken by train to the front

His own notes of the battles he fought in during WW1, plus his joining the RIC

1915 Jan 16. Transfers to 8th Hussars

1916 Jul 14. Battle of the Somme; 8th Hussars part of 3rd Cavalry Brigade of 2nd Indian Cavalry Division; ordered at 5.30pm to advance between High Wood & Delville Wood

1916 Sep 15. 8th Hussars fought in Battle of Flers-Courcelette

1918 Apr 10. Commissioned 2nd Lt in R West Surrey Regt Sgt J C Hedley of 8th Hussars. The 2nd Indian Cavalry Div transferred to Egypt at this time.

1918 Jun 11. Married in Sussex to Mabel Mary Haffenden

1918 Aug 23. Wounded severely

1918 Nov 8. DSO citation. 2nd Lt. (A./Capt) John Cyprian Hedley,. M.C., R. W. Surr. R., attd. 11th Bn. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion , during and after the crossing of the Scheldt at Neersche, when, although opposed by thick belts of wire and water-logged marshes, and finally by a very deep ditch 15 yards wide and full of water, he led his company, under heavy and direct fire, with the greatest courage and determination, and, surmounting all obstacles, forced his way into the village, capturing it with many prisoners and' machine guns. The forcing of the river was entirely clue to his splendid personal gallantry

1918 Nov 18. Gazetted MC 2nd Lt. John Cyprian Hedley, R.W. Surr.R.For conspicuous gallantry and able leadership in an attack. He commanded a platoon of the leading wave, and in face of extremely heavy fire, which greatly reduced his numbers, he rushed an enemy post, capturing fifty-four prisoners. This enabled the brigade on his right to pass through his line to their objective. Throughout he showed marked courage and devotion to duty.

1919 Aug 14. R West Surrey. 2nd Lt J C Hedley DSO, MC, relinquishes the rank of Capt on ceasing to command a Company

1919 Oct 10. Promoted temp Lt

1920 Jan 28 Seconded for service with colonial office. Departs for Lagos as a "Government Officer"

1920 Oct 23. Arrives in UK from Lagos. A soldier "c/oWar Office, London"

1921 Jan 15. Lt J C Hedley, Queens Regt retires and receives a gratuity and is granted the rank of Capt. Apart from DSO and MC he was awarded Croix de Guerre with palm "Bronze palm (palme en bronze): for those who were mentioned at the army level)

1921 Feb 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1634. Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 13. Posted to N Coy ADRIC

Fined £3 by Coy Commander

1921 Jun 22. Member of N Coy's guard of honour at the opening of the Northern Parliament by King George V (left photo for comparison)

1921 Jul 17. Promoted Section Leader

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 May. His MIC address is "Upton School". But I cannot substantiate a link to the school. He worked as a PE teacher at Repton School

1926 to 1936 He worked as a PE teacher at Edmonton Country School and from 1936

1936 to 1939 at Minchenden School Southgate.

1938 Aug 29. Ceases to belong to reserve of officers as he has reached the age limit for recall

1939 May2. Re-enlists into the Army, at the time listed as a PT Instructor. He join up in the ranks as a Private. A gunner in the local Artillery regiment

He was soon commissioned and seconded from his regiment (the Devonshires) to Special Forces. Hence no gazetting

There is little or nothing gazetted but he came out as a Lt.Col

1945 to 1955 After WW2 he taught P.E again at Minchenden School, not far from Chimes Avenue where he lived.The following paragraph appeared in the Minchenden Magazine for 1957:- "No appreciation of Mr Hedley's qualities would be complete without a reference to their merit displayed in two World Wars. After serving with distinction in 1914-18 (D.S.O.,M.C.,Croix de Guerre) the Major enlisted as a Gunner in 1939 and completed this second tour of duty as Lieutenant-Colonel." I did not realise that the D.S.O. is an Order of Chivalry and ranks higher than the Military Cross. In fact, a Lieutenant-Colonel is one rank above a Major, so his nickname was more than justified. On reading of his military honours, I felt extremely humble and regretted that I had not always accorded him the degree of respect due. In my opinion, the Major was a great teacher and character. We were very lucky to have him at Minchenden in our time. (Friends Reunited)

1976 Died Middlesex