Capt. Alexander Tucker Wardrop QSA


1866 Apr 17 Born Liverpool. He claimed to be 10 years younger when he joined RIC

1871 census in Liverpool

1881 census on HMS Indefatigable as an Apprentice

1897 Apr 20. Married

1897 With Dyak Police in UK

1900 Jul 20 Elected Fellow Zoological Soc in London

1901 Mar 12 Commissioned 2nd Lt in Imperial Yeomanry.

1901 Apr 6. Arrived in South Africa

1901 Nov 13. Transferred from Imperial Yeomanry to Scottish Horse. He was entitled to QSA 1901 and 1902

He was a Lieutenant at the Battle of Bakenlaagte

1902 Feb 12. Lt A T Wardrop returned to UK from South Africa with Scottish Horse

1903 Aug 31. Sec of the Sanitary Board of Sandakan in North Borneo

1904 Jun 13. Elected Hon Secretary of North Borneo Turf Club

1908 Jun 22. Portrait taken. In Nat Portrait Gallery

1908 Dec 22. Left UK for Singapore. Travels 2nd class and alone

1910 Oct 20. Alice Rosina Wardrop (nee Taylor) moved to Canada with her two boys. Talking with her grandchildren (my grandfather and his brother), she never left Canada once she arrived and never saw A T Wardrop again. Her immigration papers state that she had been to Canada previously and had a brother living in Canada but I have not been able to find any documents to support this.

1912 Feb 27. Captain Tucker Wardrop, the chief police officer at the Central Police Station in Beaufort, British North Borneo, wrote a letter to the chief police officer at the Central Station in Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) and had a Japanese woman deliver it.This woman, whom Wardop referred to as “Mrs. Ah Quai” (this appears to be a generic way of referring to someone – like saying “Mrs. X”), reportedly had two Japanese men living at her house. Mrs. Ah Quai claimed that these men lived by selling and purchasing Japanese women in the Philippines, and she wanted them gone from her house.

1914 Jan 12. Resigned North Borneo Service

1914 Sep 15. Appointed Captain in ASC

1920 Jul 9. Discharged from Army. Retains rank of Captain. A T Wardrop's WW1 service records state he was discharged and given passage to Singapore . He is "commissioner of Police"

1920 Jun 7. Booked on a ship from UK for Singapore, but name crossed off manifest

1920 Dec 15 . Joined ADRIC with service no 1269. Posted to Depot, Claimed "9 decorations and orders" under medals

1921 Jan 29. Posted to H Coy

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Mar 10. Leaves UK for Santos, Brazil. 1 Portland Mansions, Addison Bridge, London W14. Travels 2nd class with Alice his wife who is 11 years younger than him

I do have one travel document showing him traveling with Alice to Brazil to stay with friends (around 1924?)but since I was told Alice did not leave Canada I assumed Alexander found someone new (from Borneo?) and was using Alice's name as an alias.

1925 Feb 19. Arrives in UK with his wife Alice Rosina (11 years younger than him - so not "original wife" who was same age) His "wife" is Welsh. , they have been living in Santos, Brazil and are going to Bermuda as a final destination. UK contact is given as WD Longfield, 42 Clifton Gdns, Twickenham. Another shipping record gives Longfield as "brother", but another gives "Wm D Langfield" as her Brother in Law

1931 May 25 Arrives UK with wife Alice from New York

1934 Apr 15. Died Middlesex