Darragh Ambush 9 Jun 1921

1921 Jun 9

Word reached the West Clare Brigade Flying Column stationed at the Barrett family house at Barnageeha, that a cycle column of Auxiliaries was close by. On the spur of the moment Frank & Joseph Barrett decided to attack these Auxiliaries at Darragh Cross, 6 miles from Ennis. 20 IRA men from the column reached the Cross at 2pm, and the Auxiliaries arrives 20 minutes later. The ambush was laid with a main attacking group of 15 men positioned 350yards from the road in a field. They were protected by 3 men in a small road half a mile away and 2 men off to the left of the main group. Joseph Barrett says that there were about 80 Auxiliaries, far more than they expected. The IRA opened fire when the Auxiliaries reached the crossroads.

Once the action started, following a 15 minute stalemate, the Auxiliaries started to advance, with the IRA claiming 5 Auxiliaries wounded, including the Lewis gunner shot in the shoulder by Bernard Barrett. Joseph Barrett sent 7 men to an old fort 400 yards to his rear, and got them to cover the retreat of the whole IRA group. Thus the action was broken off. Barrett does not mention any IRA casualties

The wounded ADRIC man appears to be WD Clark Irish Examiner 25 Jun 1921 - £200 compensation) from G Coy