19 Apr 1921 Husle wounded

DI A Hulse was shot and wounded by other ADRIC men in a raid

An ADRIC convoy considting of 1 Ford. 1 Crossley and 2 armoured Lancias had 3 bombs thrown at it. The bombs caused no casualties, but the ADRIC convoy debussed to catch the perpetrator

DI3 E Flemming plus T/C JJG Eggett and T/C GF Ring went round the back of a row of houses at Sandford Terrace. They saw one of the doors open and T/C Ring fired 2 shots into the doorway. DI Hulse was on the other side of the doorway, and one of the shots hit him just above the lung. He was taken to Mercer Hospital

DI A Hulse had entered the front of 8 Sandford Terrace with T/C GH Witham and T/C AV Piggott and was opening the back gate when shot.

Also present from Raid reports were T/C TW Berry



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