William McCarthy - shot 26 Mar 1921, attempting to escape

William McCarthy had been arrested and was "shot while trying to escape". It would appear that H Coy were responible for some of the shots

William McCarthy ws being escorted across the Green at Tralee by RIC. Shots were fired (perhaps) at the police, the police fired shots. The ADRIC detachment at 12 Denny Street, in new temporary barracks, thought that they were under attack , fired verey lights and opened up with 3 drums of Lewis gun fire. They were commanded by DI3 BR Durlacher . T/C FJ Hunter was firing a Lewis gun from the main barracks at the Technical School

McCarthy was dead at the end of all this. It is difficult to say whose bullets actually killed him

The circumstances led the priest in the Catholic Church to believe that gunfire was being directed at the chuch, which resulted in questions in Parliament.