H Company ADRIC

1920 Oct 25 Auxiliaries raid in Connelly St, Listowel , owned by M McElligott. They had just raided a house in Ballybunion and went on to Stephen Grady's house

1920 Oct 28 to 8 Nov. H Coy founded with the enlistment of the bulk of its recruits. They were based in Moyderwell Technical School, Tralee. There seems to have been a platoon at one time or another at Listowel and at 12 Denny St and Ballybunion

1920 Nov 27 The Kerryman reports the arrival of Auxiliaries at Tralee and that they were quartered at Moyderwell Technical School.

1920 Dec 22. Freemans reports "About 150 members of the auxiliary police force arrived in Bantry on board a warship. Bantry House, the former residence of the Earls of Bantry, and the late Mr Leigh White D.L, has been commandeered for the accommodation of the force. The sick poor, school children and nuns who had been in occupation for some weeks since leaving workhouse quarters are securing accommodation elsewhere". In fact they appear to have only stayed 2 days, The County Council Clerk reports that auxiliary police came to Bantry House on 22 Dec and told him that his office and part of the house used as a hospital was required. Removal of patients and stock took place in a drenching downpour of rain, and that the auxiliaries left on 24 Dec.

1920 Dec 23. Andrew Moynihan was a 43 year old married farmer. He was arrested by Auxiliaries in Kerry when incriminating documents were found in his house. He was put in the back of a Crossley in the charge of Section Leader C Sutton . Along the way back to Tralee. Moynihan was "shot trying to escape"

They appear to have moved to Moyderwell Technical School. There was a detachment at Ballybunion under a DI3 (it is about 15 miles due north of Tralee)

WS 1413 states " arrived in Tralee the Tans and Auxiliaries in 1920. They made extensive searches of the houses, innocent and guilty alike, especially in districts like Boherbee which had a bad namefront their point of view. One night the Auxiliaries carried out a search of the houses in Boherbee district and in Pat's house they found hanging on the wall this photo of the Brigade Staff with the inscription by Pat himself "Brigade Staff Kerry I Brigade". Needless to say, the Auxiliaries were delighted and took it away to their barracks and were able there to pin-point each memberof the staff with accuracy, but for sometime past they weren't able to locate the Brigade I.O. Now they had him, but they decided to bring some of the old R.I.C. Sergeants into consultation. One of these was a sergeant who knew everybody in the I.R.A. in Tralee except, of course, the Brigade I.O. He Could not believe his eyes when, by a process of elimination of the other ranks, he discovered Pat Connell to be the missing Brigade I.0. They were able to identify all of the others with their respective ranks. The Auxiliaries went back to Pat O'Connell's house and hauled Pat out. They manhandled him and broke his spectacles and took him to the Auxiliary barracks which was in the Technical School at Moyderwell. They beat him nit and threw him, bruised and battered, into the coalhouse under the stairs. Major McKinnon,O/C. of the Auxiliaries, was delighted that they had at last caught the infernal Brigade I.0. Sergeant Clancy, R.I.C., came along to the bar and, when he heard of the photo, he asked to see it. When he had examined it he broke into peals of laughter. He knew Pat well and that he used, on regular occasions, break out into terrific bones and was the last man that Stack would have as Brigade I.0. He explained to Major McKinnon that he was a perfectly harmless individual and was never in the Volunteers. He was corroborated by others of the old R.I.C. Pat was hauled out of the coalhole into the bar and the Major asked him how he came to be in the photo and Pat explained, but did not know whom he was supposed to replace. The Auxiliaries stood him glass after glass of whiskey until he passed out. Next day, they had difficulty in getting him into hospital. The County Infirmary refused to take him as he had been discharged only a short time before, but eventually they succeeded in getting him into the Workhouse Hospital where he spent two days recovering from the effects of the beatings and the excessive whiskey he consumed

1920 Dec 25. Major J A MacKinnon and 4 other Auxiliaries raided the home of a local creamery manager. Two IRA men in the house were shot and killed, and then MacKinnon ordered everyone out of the house and set fire to it. Shooting of Reidy & Lean. Inquest of Reidy and Lean

1920 Dec 30 A Nenagh Guardian report says that the ADRIC vacated Bantry House on this morning and proceed on board a warship for Castletown

1921 Jan 1. An advert appears in Kerryman

1921 Jan 25 A contentious raid that resulted in A G Earle being court martialed for looting

1921 Jan 28 PME Hall accidently shot

1921 Mar 3. An attempt to kill MacKinnon in an ambush at Ballyroe when he was returning from Ardfert to Tralee had to be called off when one of the IRA men was accidentally shot.

1921 Mar 3 Warning issued by H Wilkinson as 2nd in command

1921 Mar 12. The train ambush that T/Cadet Falkiner dies. The evidence at the inquest gives the detail. It says the Auxiliaries were taking pay to the H Coy detachment at Ballybunion under DI3. E S Garrod

1921 Mar 17. Ryle Dwyer quotes a local man as saying that MacKinnon "surprised some of the lads. He jumped out of his car and kicked the stuffing out of 3 or 4 lads. He tied one end of a rope to Moss Hogan's legs and the other end to a horse. He then drove the horse along the road. Poor Moss was in the devil of a way for a long time from the battering he got"

1921 Mar 26 Tralee Church hit by shots and McCarthy dies from ADRIC . They were setting up a temporary barracks at 12 Denny St, Tralee.

1921 Mar 27 William McCarthy shot in Tralee by men from H Coy.

1921 Apr 1. JE Leach VC posted to H Coy. 2nd in Command of H company.

1921 Apr 5. "Truce" gives details of IO WH Ballantine reporting that "DI B.R Durlacher and party patrolled roads to Spa andFenit. Amongst othr obstacles encountered were8 stone walls about 10 yards apart. These were removed. A booby trap was set by us in a suitable trench and it is hoped that the enemy will reopen this particular one . Nil desperandum"

1921 Apr 9. DI1 JA MacKinnon, DI3 WH Ballantine who was the Coy Intelligence Officer, S/L Surtees, T/C CVH Harrison were at the shooting of Driscoll. Surtees was wounded by shotgun pellets. 3 Crossley tenders went to inspect a temporary bridge that intelligence had led them to believe would be destroyed by the IRA. They found a group of men in the act of trying to destroy it. The group split and ran, and the Auxiliaries opened fire. Daniel Driscoll was hit and later died of the wounds

1921 Apr 15. Major J A MacKinnon commanding officer of H coy in Tralee. Shot while off duty and playing golf in Tralee with DI.3 R W H Ballantine (ADRIC no 935). The IRA knew that he played golf here regularly, and had kept watch on the golf course for about 2 weeks before their chance came. The hit squad was a sniper with a rifle, James Cornelius Healy a veteran of WW1, and three men with shotguns, Johnny Riordan, Tommy Barrett and Jack Mason. Healy hid in a tree overlooking the third green and waited till Mackinnon was perfectly still as he shaped to hit the ball. Healy shot MacKinnon twice in the head. The others opened up with shotguns, and all the IRA men were able to escape in the resulting confusion. The Auxiliaries went on a series of reprisals, which in turn led to IRA killings. There were 4 other Auxiliaries playing golf that afternoon on the course. All were unarmed

1921 Apr 15/16. Leech writes a memo is addressed to "Group Commander, Headquarters Martial Law Area Companies, Auxiliary Division R.I.C., Victoria Barracks, Cork" and simply states that attached is a statement by Captain & D. I. 2 J. Leach, V.C., regarding alleged unofficial reprisals at Ballymacelligot on the night of 15/16 April 1921, as requested.

A second document is a typed statement . Over the signature it briefly states that on the night in question, at 22.30 hours, three tenders (there is no mention of number of men) performed curfew patrols in the vicinity of "LISCHAHAN bridge". That later, on instructions from C.I. Tralee, one tender and one car went to the Post Office in Tralee but when they got there the Military were already performing a raid, so the party rejoined those at the bridge. On their return they went by SPA and then performed raids in "Upper Rock Street". It concludes by stating that they returned to Barracks at approximately 02.15 on 16/4/21. On the first line of the statement is a reference to "see Intelligence Summary of this date" (a copy of which does not exist). Both these documents have the signatures of Petre and Leach.

1921 Apr 19. MacKinnon's replacement as H Coy Commander was Major E.H. Petre.

1921 Apr 21. Around 9:00 pm, Temporary Constable Dennis O'Loughlin, who was employed as a cook in the "H" Company Barracks in Tralee, was shot dead in Knightley's Public House in Castle Street, Tralee, by I.R.A. gunmen.

1921 May 18. JE Leach VC, 2nd in command H Coy resigned from ADRIC . Resignation "accepted on compassionate grounds"

1921 Jun 27. Men from H Coy were at Limerick Station. Among them were S/L GHJ Bramley, S/L MV Surtees. There were two sections as the guard at the station was being changed. There were shots and an explosion from near the signal box. And men started running away from the area. The Auxiliaries called on them to stop, and when they did not, opened fire. One man John Cremins was hit and died. Oddly nothing appears in IRA statements, so Cremins must have been a civilian, but who the men in the signal box were, I have no idea

1921 Sep? An ambush at Ardfert Station resulted in 3 Constabulary Medals to H Coy Cadets

1921 Nov 22. EH Petre, the Company Commander was allowed to resign on compassionate grounds

1922 Jan 18. H Company left for England having arrived from Kilkenny.

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