Clair Valkyrie Houston Harrison, RAF

1895 Aug 18. Born Glasgow, Scotland

1901 census at Queens Terrace, Ayr

Margaret Harrison 32
James Harrison 9
William H Harrison 7
Clair V H Harrison 5
Maggie Hendrie 19

1914 Jun 12. Sells up in New Zealand "LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. ON THE PREMISES, CAMBERWELL ROAD. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, At 1,30 p..m. SMITH AND EASTON have received instructions from Mr C. V. H. Harrison, who is giving up housekeeping, to sell as above— The whole of his household furniture and effects. Particulars Later. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ON THE PREMISES, CORNER HIGH AND DISRAELI STREETS.

1916 Canadian Census, he is living with his parents in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been there since 1914

1916 Apr 20. Attests to Canadian Exp Force. A Civil Engineer, His address is Kilwinning. Next of kin father Commander James Harrison, RNR

1918 Jan 16. Commissioned in RFC, 2nd Lt, Pte. Clair Valkyrie Houston Harrison, from Canadian Inf

1918 Aviators Certificate

1919 May 20 To unemployed list. Lt C V H Harrison

1919 Jun 29 Arrives UK from Canada. He is a student, UK address Rock Av, Gillingham, Kent

1920 Nov 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 949. Posted to H Coy

1921 Apr 9. DI1 JA MacKinnon, DI3 WH Ballantine, S/L Surtees, T/C CVH Harrison were at the shooting of Driscoll. Surtees was wounded by shotgun pellets. 3 Crossley tenders went to inspect a temporary bridge that intelligence had led them to believe would be destroyed by the IRA. They found a group of men in the act of trying to destroy it. The group split and ran, and the Auxiliaries opened fire. Daniel Driscoll was hit and later died of the wounds

1921 May 18. Promoted Section Leader.

1921 Nov 21 to 10 Dec on Leave

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 17. Arrives in Canada from UK.

1924 Jan 12. Pre-examined in Canada for entry to USA

1931 Dec 11. marries in Jackson, Missouri to Harriet Frances Jackson

1934 Feb 9. Arrives UK from USA. He is a sales manager living in USA.

1937 Feb 8. Crosses Canada to USA at Buffalo, NY