Andrew Moynihan Shot - 23 Dec 1920

H Coy

1920 Dec 23. Andrew Moynihan was a 43 year old married farmer. He was arrested by Auxiliaries in Kerry when incriminating documents were found in his house. He was put in the back of a Crossley in the charge of Section Leader C Sutton . Along the way back to Tralee. Moynihan was "shot trying to escape"

WS1114 by the Capt of A Coy IRA at Rathmore, Kerry gives


Sutton told the inquiry that they halted the Crossley "at the prisoners request I took him a bit up the road to relieve nature. He goes on to say that Moynihan made a dash as if he was trying to escape and was called on twice to halt. Sutton then fired two revolver shots at Moynihan as Moynihan was trying to get over a wall. Moynihan fell and was instantly killed.

The medical report on the body confirmed two bullets fired, one wound on the chest and two on the face due to the same bullet.

T/Cadet J H Jennings This is most likely to have been JCL Jennings) who was one of the guards present confirmed Sutton's account