Lt John Cyril Lewis Jennings MC, RFA

1888 Dec 2. Born Sydney, Australia.(RIC records) & agrees with grandchild's post on WW1 Forum. He may well have changed his name, as it is very unusual not to be able to get something from Australian records

I have not been able to find anything of his life in Australia

He was from Australia in the Merchant Navy and family rumour says he jumped ship at Tilbury around 1913/14 but have no proof of this.

1915 Jun 1. Landed in France

1916 Apr/Jun Married Laura M Gear in Croydon as John C Jennings

1917 Nov 11. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1919 May 12. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.: J. C. L.. Jennings, M.C.

1919 Jun 3. MC Gazetted. 2nd/Lt. John Cyril Lewis Jennings, R.F.A., Spec. Res., attd. A. Bty., 67th Bde., R.F.A.

1920 Apr 1. Royal Field Artillery. The undermentioned Lts. resign their commns. J. C. L. Jennings, M.C.

1920 Jul 27. Joined ADRIC with service number 3. It then just gives "resigned" with no details of when, or where he was posted

1920 Dec 23. Andrew Moynihan was a 43 year old married farmer. He was arrested by Auxiliaries in Kerry when incriminating documents were found in his house. He was put in the back of a Crossley in the charge of Section Leader C Sutton . Along the way back to Tralee. Moynihan was "shot trying to escape" . A "T/Cadet J H Jennings" was involved which should be this man. The only other Jennings in ADRIC, CF Jennings, did not serve in H Coy.

1924 Jul 23 The J C L Jennings is probably him - the name is fairly rare.

1939 Register Living with wife Laura M at 14 Lytton Road , Thurrock U.D., Essex, As John C Jennings. He is a Lockgateman for the Port of London Authority

1968 John C L Jennings died 1968 aged 79 in Thurrock, Essex, born 1889