Harold John Hampton Butler RFA

1890. Apr 8. Born in Bethnal Green, London (Harold John). He was son of Henry And Fanny Jane (nee Hampton) Butler, hence his added Christian name while in the Army. I cannot find him after 1922 with the "Hampton", plain "Harold John" is more difficult because of its ubiquity

1891 census at 104, Sewardstone Road, Bethnal Green, North East Bethnal Green

1901 census at 4, Thornham Grove, West Ham (close to address on MIC)

1911 census at 4 Thornham Grove Stratford E

1915 May 21. Landed in France

1917 Nov 12 . The undermentioned from Officer Cadet Units to be 2nd Lts.: — RFA. .Harold John Hampton Butler.

1920 Apr 1. RFA. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. Lt., and retain the rank of Lt.:— H. J. H. Butler.

1920 Aug 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 318 and 418 (Somehow same man get two numbers - the register makes it clear it is the same man). Posted C Coy,

1920 Oct 30 Promoted Section Leader

1921 May 10 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 14 Patrol in Dalkey

1921 May 17. On Raids in Dublin

1921 May 21. Raids in Dublin

1921 May 28 to 12 Jun on Leave

1921 Jul 2. Promoted . Platoon Commander

1921 Jul 15 to 29 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 14 Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register He is Late Lt in RFA and living at 73 Glenparke Road , West Ham C.B., Essex, with his mother and wife Doris

1960 Jul/Sep died Essex