Capt Douglas Boyd Calderwood, RAF

1893 May 2. Born Devon

1901 census at 7 East Castle Rd, Edinburgh

1914 Sep 19. RFA . The undermentioned cadets and ex-cadets of the Officers Training Corps to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Douglas Boyd Calderwood

1915 May 3. Lands in France

1916 Jul 28. Gets pilots licence

1916 Jul 28 . RFC. Temp. Lt. D. B. Calderwood, R.A., and to be transfd. to the Gen. List

1917 Feb 27 Elected member of Royal Aero Club

1918 Jan 1. Flight Comdrs.—From Flying Officers: And to be temp. Capts. whilst so .empld.:— Temp. Lt. D. B. Calderwood, Gen. List

1919 Aug 27. The undermentioned are transferred to unempld. list. Capt. D. B. Calderwood

1920 Sep 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 515 . Posted to Depot Platoon Commander of ADRIC Transport section.

1921 Jan 19. To Permanent Cadet in RIC (having been on probation for about 4 weeks before this)

1922 Mar 31. Pensioned from RIC

1922 Jun 19. Arrives in Sydney, Australia. He is an engineer.

1930 Shipwrecked in Pacific

1937 Mar 18. Involved in motor car accident

1939 Apr 11. Gets a second pilot's licence. Kinnaird Castle is an enormous stately pile, and I cannot find his connection to the castle

1940 Mar 5. The undermentioned to be Lts: — Capt. Douglas Boyd CALDERWOOD (122848), late R.A.F.

1942 Aug 5. Arrives in New York on a Pan Am flight. He is a Kings Messenger and is going to British Embassy in Washington

1948 Sep 25. Arrives in UK from New York. He is "retired" and living in USA

1949 Sep 7. Becomes a US citizen

1954 Jul 1. Arrives in New York from UK

1964 Apr 3 Letter to Life Magazine

1964 Jul 22. Married in San Diego, Cal to Corinne F Low/Parks

1967 Jun Divorced Corinne at Monterey, Cal

1972 Jun Died in California