Cuthbert Cresswell Cooke, WAFF

1888 Oct 7.Born Newton Abbot, Devonshire

1891 census at 13, Babbacombe Road, Tormoham, Torquay

1901 census at 4, Brewers Street, Oxford St Aldate, where he is at school "chorister at Oxford Cathedral"

1911 census at The Hazels Haslemere, staying with friends he is a "Tutor"

1914 Jan 7. Leaves UK for Gold Coast. He is a "Colonial Servant" - Passenger on SS Appam from Liverpool for the Cape Coast

1914 Aug 15. Gold Coast Leader - Mention of Mr Cooke, Commissioner, involved in a minor incident in Anum

1914 Aug 8 His MIC shows that he enters war zone in West Africa. gives the background . On 5th August the British and the French received a telegram from Major von Doering requesting that the colonial territories remain neutral, and not involve themselves in the European war.  This was viewed as an enemy ploy to keep the Kamina wireless station operating, and was disregarded.  The following day and acting purely on his own initiative, Bryant sent his company commander at Ada, Captain E. Barker, overland under a flag-of-truce to Lome with an ultimatum that von Doering surrender his colony. .. Barker started his troops marching eastwards on the coast towards Togoland on 7th August and returned ahead of them in a lorry to Lome for the German answer.  He found von Doering and his troops gone.  The local District Commissioner, Mr. Clausnitzer, surrendered Lome and around a hundred German civilians to Barker....   Barker’s soldiers force-marched across the border to Lome on 9th August, followed by other GCR companies, and a group of Gold Coast officials arrived by sea from Accra and set about restoring sanitation, communications and port facilities in the capital and providing medical services for the troops. 

1914 Dec 14 . Gold Coast Leader - Mention that Commissioner Cooke returned from Togoland. Commissioner Cooke who returned from Togoland paid our Fia Kwadjo Dey a visit, and narrated all the news of the war in Togoland. He was enthusiastically received with two companies of Osibi of Peki Wodome and Tsame and a big assembly.

1915 Jan 30. Gold Coast Leader - Mr Cooke, District Commissioner, report of involvement in a local ceremony

1915 Feb 13. Gold Coast Leader: Tsib Awodome, Jan 19. The District Commissioner Mr C C Cooke visited here with his clerk on the 14th inst. and gave a notice of his leaving the District for Europe. Mr Taylor is going to take his charge.

1915 Mar 30. Gold Coast Leader - Mr Cooke, District Commissioner, has left for Europe (byline dated 18 February 1915, in Peki)

1915 Jun 9. Leaves UK for Accra. He is a Colonial Civil Servant. Travels 1st class.

1916 Feb 1 Leaves UK for Gold Coast. He is a Colonial Civil Servant. Travels 1st class. He travels alone.

1916 Jan/Mar Married in London to Florence A Grimshaw

1918 Jan 9. Gazetted MBE . Cuthbert Cresswell Cooke, Esq. Projectile Contracts, Contracts Department, Ministry of Munitions.

1921 Jun 8. Joined ADRIC with service no 2032. Posted L coy

1921 Jun 16. Involved in Rathcoole Ambush and gave evidence at inquiry . £25 compensation

1922 Jan. Appears to be still serving at demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Divorce Court File: 4566. Appellant: Cuthbert Cresswell Cooke. Respondent: Florence Annie Cooke. Co-respondent: Gwyn Evans. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1936 Nov 10 Car crash

1937 Apr 16. And whereas both of the said Benefices are now full the Reverend Cuthbert Cresswell Cooke being the present Incumbent of the said Benefice of Leeds, Christ Church, and the Reverend Charles Jenkinson being the present Incumbent of the said Benefice of Leeds, St. John the Evangelist with Saint Barnaba

1939 His father died

1939 Register Living at Glasshampton,Shawley Glasshampton Gardens , Martley R.D., Worcestershire. He is a Clergyman, divorced.

1947 May 3. Leaves UK for British Guiana in West Indies. He is a "Church of England Priest". He travels alone, 2nd class

1953 May 14 died Worcester aged 65