Gertrude Annie Woodbridge

This would appear to be his first marriage

1899 Mar 10. born in Bromley ref 2a, 462

1901 census living in Bromley, Kent

1911 census living in same house in Bromley, Kent

1921 Jul 19 Married Gertrude A Woodbridge and Frederick Forde in Isle of Wight, ref 2B, 1619

1922 Apr/Jun daughter born Peggy M Forde ref Battle 2b, 71.

1986 died Worthing ref 18, 2215 Her death is recorded as "Bornoz-Forde". On closer inspection there are a fistful of deaths recorded, all apparently for the same person. One for "Gertrude Annie Forde b 10 Mar 1899" and another for "Shirley Bornoz born 10 Mar 1899" and another for "Gertrude Annie Bornoz-Forde"

1995 Peggy Moira W Forde died at Worthing ref 4A92B, 7864A, 68

Frederick Forde