Peter James Grundlingh


1890 May 27 Born , British Subject from South Africa

1911 Sep 27. Leaves UK for Gold Coast.

1917 Nov 28 Officer Cadets to be 2nd Lt. London Regt..—Peter James Grundlingh

1919 May 28. 2nd Bn., London Regt.—2nd Lt P. J. Grundlingh to be Lt.

1920 Jan 30 Graves Registration Special Appointment Cl II. Lt. P. J. Grundlingh, 2nd Lond. R., T.F.

1920 Sep Passed a bad cheque for about £7.50 while a Graves Registration officer in France

1920 Sep 25 Ceased to be employed in Graves Registration

1920 Oct 14 Joined ADRIC with service no 728. Posted to Depot

1920 Dec 7. Discharged from ADRIC "in consequence of complaints in regard to his conduct" It came as a Police Advisor order rather than a Routine Order. He could be Chichester in this tale

1921 Sep 30. The undermentioned Offrs. relinquish their commissions., under A.O. 166/1921, as amended by A.O.. 332/21, and retain their rank Lt P J Grundlingh

It transpired that he had been overpaid by the army, and there was lengthy correspondence as the army tried to get their money back, but in the end had to write it off.

1927 Feb 28 Appointed Inland Rev Tax Clerk

1927 Apr/Jun Married in Birmingham to Amy G Buckley

1931 Jun Daughter Sheila born

1939 Register Living with wife Amy G . He is a Civil Servant Inland Revenue. At 348 Wynn Rd. Wolverhampton

1954 Jan 1. Executor on will of James Wilson Whitehouse, 56, Alexandra Road, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Company Director. 3 1st January, 1954.

1967 Apr/Jun Died Wolverhampton. Age 76




WO 374/29668 Grundlingh PJ