2nd.Lt. Frederick Augustus Lambert

He has 2 ADRIC service nos.as he resigned and rejoined

1892 Feb 18. born Norwich, Norfolk

1901 census living at 2, Cavalry Street, Norwich

1911 census living at 23 St Mary Plain Norwich

1915 Mar 25 Landed in France

1919 Mar 8. Commissioned 2nd Lt in an Officer Cadet Battalion. I assume this is a commission on discharge

1920 Aug 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 191 . No details of a posting.

1920 Sep 6. Resigned at own request

1920 Dec 22. Re-joined ADRIC with service no 1314. Posted to M Coy

1920 Dec 31. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Feb 3. Wounded in Clonfin Ambush and posted to Depot Coy. Awarded £500 compensation

1921 Feb 5 Admitted Stevens Hospital

1921 Apr 18. Discharged Medically Unfit due to RIC service

1923 Jun 19. The undermentioned 2nd Lts., on enlistment in the ranks, relinquish the rank of 2nd Lt. : F. A. Lambert, late Gen. List.

1939 Registers showthe Bristol Frederick A Lambert was born 18 Feb 1892 and was an Insurance Manager married to Maud M Lambert

1940 Dec 30. Royal Artillery to be Lt. Frederick Augustus LAMBERT (159477).

1965 died in Bristol