Robert Rotheram Macrory

4 June 1929

Nothing on WO338, no MIC. He was not an officer in WW1, so had to have had a special entry into the ADRIC

1901 Jun 22. Born Dublin . His father is a barrister

1901 census His parents are at Longford Terrace, Kingstown

1911 census His father is alone at home in Dublin. 7 Fitzwilliam Square East , Dublin. I cannot find him nor his mother.

1920 Dec 23 Joined RIC as Temp Constable in ADRIC

1921 Jan 19 Permitted to Resign as T/Const

1921 Jan 20 Joined ADRIC with service no 1575. He had "no papers" - this is normal when a transfer is made from RIC to ADRICIs noted as an "Hon 3rd DI". Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Jan 24. . Promoted 3DI

1921 Feb 17. Posted to K Coy. Reverted to T/Cadet.

1921 Mar 13. Posted to O Coy.

1921 Apr 9. Resigned

My grandfather moved to Africa - returning when he'd drunk his way through his substantial funds he'd been given to go.

1926 Dec 26. Arrives UK from Kilindini, Kenya where he has been living as a Farm Manager. Travels 3rd class

1929 Jun 4. Married to Theodora E Maccabee-Coghlan


1939 Register. He is an Advertising Agents Clerk. Living at Bishopgate Institute,ARP Depot , City of London

1939 Oct 15. Commissioned 2nd Lt North'n R.. Robert Rotheram MACRORY (102729) As there is no rank before his name, I assume he was never commissioned in WW1

1941 Jul 25. North'n R. Lt. R. R. MacRory (102729) resigns his commn.

My grandfather first became a painter and decorator (business best looked for in pubs) and later a schoolmaster at unremarkable prep schools for the rest of his life.

1954 Aug 25. Hurt while a schoolmaster. at Wincanton

1970 Aug 22. Died Sheffield

 He died from a heart attack in the Royal Infirmary Doncaster and was placed in a pauper's grave.  His wife was found dead (clearly suicide though not confirmed) about three weeks later.