Frederick William Morrison

1897 Mar 6. Born Belfast. His parents were William Morrison and Alice (also known as Elsie) Stephenson-Jellie, both National Teachers. His siblings were Adelaide Sophia Morrison, Samuel McGowan Morrison and Jim Morrison.

1901 census

1911 census at 1 n Cyprus Park, Pottinger, Down

1914 Sep Joined OTC at Queens University Belfast

1915 He was working for the Bank of Ireland in Sligo when he joined the army. His home address was Cypress Pk, Bloomfield, Belfast

1915 May 7. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. are transferred from Res. Bns. with seniority from dates shown against their names: E. Surrey Regt .—F. W. Morrison (from N. Staff. R.).

1916 Feb 19. Landed in France

1916 Mar 18 Posted 17th Brigade, G Coy vice Lt Willatt

1916 July 17, lost an arm with MGC at Messines. He then moved to Adjutant of 2nd Reserve Battalion MGC, and was sent back to France as Staff Lt GHQ till demobilised. He was "Conducting Officer to War Workers Parties" at GHQ

1916 Jul 21. Returned to UK for treatment

1916 Dec 1. The undermentioned to be temp. Lts: 2nd Lt. F. W. Morrison.

1918 Oct 5. Special Appointment Cl. HH. Temp. Lt. F. W. Morrison, M.G Corps, and to be transfd. to Gen. List.

1918 Oct 6 to Oct 16 in hospital in France with influenza

1918 Dec 24 In 51 General Hospital - VDG (venereal disease, gonorrhoea)

1918 Mar 18. Discharged from 51 General Hospital

1918 Mar 10. Returned to UK. Cessation of Staff Duties

1918 Apr 16 Starts Sick leave

1918 May 15 His sick leave ends

1919 Jun 8. Special Appointment Cl. HH.— Temp. Lt. F. W. Morrison, Gen. List. relinquished his appointment

1919 Nov 1. He resigned from the army on 01.11.19. There is no mention at all of any further army service. He states that he wishes to leave the army to study for the Bar at Trinity College, Dublin. 

He is included in Bloomfield Presbyterian Church War Memorial as one of the congregation who served in WW1

From Nov 1919 to his joining ADRIC in Jan 1921, I have not been able to track his movements

1921 Jan 28. Lieutenant F.W. Morrison joined ADRIC as a Temporary Cadet. Service no 1613

1921 Feb 23. He was transferred from the Depot to "E" Company in Roscommon

1921 Apr 6. DRO 190 - "E" to "Depot" 6/4/21, admitted to hospital

1921 Apr 17. DRO 201 - Discharged from hospital

1921 Apr 18. DRO 200 - Fined £1 by Commandant 18/4/21 (offence unknown)

DRO 211 - Fined £3 by Company CO and passes cancelled for 14 days (offence unknown)

DRO 214 - Fined £2 by Company CO (offence unknown)

DRO 227 - Forfeiture 1 days pay and fined £2, (offence unknown)

1921 May 20. Permitted to resign by Commandant. There is no record of him holding any rank in ADRIC. ( He is listed as a Staff Lieutenant age 23, referring to his previous status in the army)

1921 Aug 8. Died in Dublin. Inquest returns a verdict of suicide in Dublin. He is referred to having been "an intelligence officer attached to the ADRIC" and still in the army

He was buried in Bangor. His grave had a metal railing around it but it was removed by the groundsman during the 1970's for some reason and not replaced.  There is no headstone so one assumes that his name was on the railing.  It is plot 196, New Cemetery, Newtownards Road, Bangor

Photo of his grave from Ernest McCall