Lt Edward Charles Toms, MC, MCG

1896 Mar 26. Born Yetminster, Dorset a son of Charles Henry Toms and Christiana Maria Brooks

1901 census at Lawn Villa, Church Street, Woking

1911 census at Charlton Waldens Park Road, Horsell , Woking. He is a Solicitors Clerk.

1916 Jan 20 Commissioned 2nd Lt. The Lincolnshire Regiment. The: undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants (on probation) : — Edward Charles Toms.

1917 Apr 27. Gazetted. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts.: — Temp. 2nd Lt. E. C. Toms, from a Res. Regt. Cav. 2 Apr. 1917, with seniority 20 Jan. 1916.

1917 Aug 1. Machine Gun Corps. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. - E. C. Toms.

1919 Jan 24. Gazetted MC. T./Lt. Edward Charles Toms, 252nd Coy., M.G. Corps: At Tarassovo, from 24th-29th January, 1919, he set an example to his men by conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. One Vickers gun was practically out of action, No. 1 being killed and No. 2 wounded. He took the place of No. 1, keeping the gun in action. He also visited the posts continually under heavy fire. His work at Certsovna and on the Kochmoa road prior to this action showed leadership and great gallantry.

Offensive to cut of Dvina Force (25th January - 5th April, 1919.) This took the form of heavy attacks against Tarasevo, Shred Mekrenga and Morjegorskaya. Our forces were forced to evacuate Tarasevo, but the enemy suffered heavy defeats at Shred Mekrenga and Morjegorskaya.

1920 Aug 6. Joined ADRIC with service no 106. Posted to Depot as a Section Leader

1920 Aug 19. Promoted DI3

This reads "Headquarter intell?? officer 2nd DI 3/2/21 (other reg gives 3 Jan 1921)

1921 Jan 3. Promoted DI2. It looks from the script as if he were HQ intell Officer Another reference in the register confirms "Intelligence"

1921 Feb 5 to 11 Feb on Medical Leave

1921 Mar 26 . Posted to Q Coy . And on reverting to DI3 grade

1921 Apr . WS0581 I was detailed to go to Harcourt Street on a Saturday morning early in April, 1921, unarmed, and to keep looking into a newsagent's shop window near the Ivanhoe Hotel until some person would come up to me and ask me if I was Johnnie Dunne. I was instructed to reply that I would take a message to him. I was only about five minutes looking into the shop window when the porter of the Ivanhoe Hotel tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was Johnnie Dunne. I replied I would take a message to him. The porter then informed me that the man we were looking for was sprawled on the couch in the hall of this hotel, with his wife. He was an Auxiliary officer by the name of Captain Tams (sic). I walked to the hotel door and saw that the porter was telling me the truth. Following this, I immediately made contact with Volunteer Billy Doyle who reported back to the Company officer at Temple Bar. I kept the Auxiliary officer under surveillance for some time, hoping that Billy would return soon with the necessary arms to eliminate this man. Shortly after Billy had departed, Captain Tams left the hotel with his wife by car. I made a note of the number of the car, also a description, make, colour etc. The porter informed, me that they were gone to the Phoenix Park races. That same Saturday evening, Nos. 1 and 2 Sections were posted along the Quays from Queen Street bridge to Parkgate Street to catch him returning from the races but wisely, and lucky for him, he changed his return route.

1921 May 5. Promoted 2nd in Command Q Coy and DI2

1921 Aug 4 to 19 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 12. Reverts to Temp Cadet. at own request

1921 Sep 13 to 27 Sep on Leave

1921 Sep 27. Permitted to resign on compassionate grounds.

1932 May 24. Gazetted. Lt. E. C. Toms, M.C., late M.G. Corps, having been convicted by the Civil Power is deprived of the rank of Lt.

1939 Register. He is a Bookmaker living at Mackworth Street , St Pancras, London,. He is living with a waitress Maureen Halpin, whom he later marries

1973 Jan/Mar. Died Islington, London,