William McConnal Corson

IRA intelligence photo of McConnal Corson

1891 Jan/Mar Born Wolverhampton William McConnall (sic) Corson (died 1892). Which must have been an earlier brother of the same name who died

1891 census at 20, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton

1893 Jan/Mar Born William McConnal Corson (RIC entry has 28 Nov 1897)

1901 census at 20, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton

1911 census I cannot find him

Apart from his MIC I cannot get any LG entries for him

1920 Sep 28 Joins F Coy ADRIC Lt William McConnal Corson 6/Dragoon Guards ADRIC 638. RIC 78506. Posted F Coy

1920 Dec 11 on a raid at 198 Parnell St. Sir, I beg to state that on the night of 10 - 11 th December 1920, at about 01.00. hours I was in charge of a raiding party of F.Coy Aux. Div R.I.C. that raided the premises of 198 Parnell Street, the works of Heron and Lawless, Engineers and Cycle Mechanics. I found a .38 Webley Revolver in the passage at the back of the shop, it was hidden in a barrel, containing sand. On the ground floor in the rear of the shop T/Cadet Costigan found one .45 Webley Revolver ( loaded with bullets that had been out )  wrapped in newspaper under a bicycle saddle, lying on a bench under a heap of spare parts of bicycles. We effected an entrance to the cellar from inside the shop, and there found complete outfit for making bombs. Spare parts of bombs. Explosives, ammunitions; Lathes, and Bombs in various stages of manufacture. One loaded Revolver.45 Webley was found by me (3rd D.I. Florey ) on a bench. I was present when T/Cadet McConnell Corson found two more loaded Revolvers ( a Mauser. and a Browning ) in a drawer of another bench. Owing to the seriousness of the case I left a Guard in charge and came back to the Castle to report to the O.C.Coy . B.W.P.Florey Capt.D.I.3

1921 Mar 16. On the Brunswick St Raid in which T/Cadet Farrell was killed. His evidence is in inquest report

Fined 10/- and a further £1 by Company Commander

1921 May 25 Was at Custom House incident

1921 Jul 28 to 4 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 30 to 13 Oct on Leave

1921 Nov 18 to 1 Dec on Leave

1922 Jan 18. Discharged on demobilisation ADRIC

1925 Marries Margaret J Lawrence in Wolverhampton

1926 Nov 15. Lt. W. McC. Corson, late Temp. Lt., Res. Regt. of Cav., having been convicted by the Civil Power, is deprived of the rank of Lt.

1927 Margaret Josephine Corson files for divorce. Divorce Court File: 6579. Appellant: Margaret Josephine Corson. Respondent: William McConnal Corson. Type: Wife's petition for divorce.

1967 Apr/Jun Died Weston-super-Mare