Lt George Henry Luxton

1895 Mar 29. Born 112 Holloway Rd, Islington son of Robert and Elizabeth Luxton. His father is a Printer.

1895 Apr 28. Baptised at St Mary, Islington

1901 census living at 42 South Western Rd, Twickenham

Educated St Stephens School, East Twickenham

1911 census at 32 St Michaels Hill, Bristol, but George Luxton is not with the family. I cannot find him anywhere else.

His job was collotype printer when he enlisted. He seems to have served with KOYLI in Buttevant in Cork, before being commissioned

1915 Apr 13. Landed in France

1915 Sep 6 Returned to UK

1916 Dec Married in Tralee to Gladys Arabella Morphy (she was a solicitor's daughter and died in London in 1983)

1917 Mar 11. Midd'x R. Cadet George Henry Luxton to be temp. 2nd Lt.

1918 Mar 1. G. H. Luxton, R. Defence Corps., to be 2nd Lt., and to retain his seniority. 1st Mar. 1918

1918 Sep 11. Royal Defence Corps. 2nd Lt. G. H. Luxton to be Lt.

1919 Aug 12. G H Luxton from Lt Royal Defence Corps to be Temp Lt in Norfolk Regt.

1920 Jun 21. His MIC gives Lussinagh, Spa,Tralee, Kerry as his address. This must be "Lassinah" a big house near Spa, Tralee, which is still there, but a ruin.

1920 Aug 7 He gives his address on his "Protection Certificate" as Leassingagh, Tralee, Kerry

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC No 228, RIC No72496, Posted to Depot Coy

1920 Aug 8. Norf. R. Temp. Lt. G. H. Luxton relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Sep 25. Promoted 3DI

1920 Nov 23 Promoted 2DI. He was involved in a Dublin raid,

1920 Dec 11. Sir,
I beg to report that on the morning of the 11th inst, I was one of a party ( in Mufti ) of " F " Coy.Aux. Div.R.I.C. who was watching the premises of 198 Parnell Street. At about 09.15. hours I observed two men. JOHN PURCELL, 111 LEINSTER ROAD , RATHMINES and JOSEPH. LYNAM 38 FONTENAY loitering in the street. I went up to them for the purpose of interrogation, as they answered the description of " Wanted men ", and we proceeded down the street.
We entered a small shop for about a quarter of an hour to pursue the interrogation with more secrecy. On its conclusion, we left the shop, and I ordered them to report to 198 Parnell Street. From across the road I watched the two men try to enter the shop of 198 Parnell Street, turning the handle of the door for this purpose. I then heard two shots fired in quick succession. Hastening over I found JOSEPH LYNAM with a small flesh wound in his leg, and JOHN PURCELL uninjured, standing by him. First Aid was rendered by a Cadet of this Coy, and he was conveyed in an Armoured Car to a hospital by order of the O.C.Raiding party.
Dublin Castle 11 - 12 - 20   signed by D.I.LUXTON Capt, 2nd D.I.: F.Coy. Aux. Div. R.I.C.

Report of a raid on 198. Parnell St 11 - 12 - 20
I have to report that this raid was carried out by this Company under the command of 3rd. D.I. FLOREY at about.01.00 hours the 11th inst. About 03.00 hours 3rd D.I.  FLOREY reported to me that he had raided the above place, and had there found a place used for the construction of bombs. I immediately proceeded to the premises and found that the presence of an explosive expert was necessary before the articles could be removed. I left a guard under Section Leader Beard, on the premises with instructions to secrete themselves inside to await the arrival of the owners of the shop in the morning, to endeavour to effect their capture, and further detailed a party of six men in plain clothes to assist from the street.
About 08.30 hours the following morning I went to Parnell Street with five others, and took up position in the vicinity of the shop. No persons approached the shop until about 09.30 hours when two men walked to the front door, and endeavoured to push it open. They stepped back from the door as if to run away, and I ran into the road from the place where I was concealed, when two shots were fired in quick succession from the interior of the Cycle shop through the closed door which is glass panelled.
I saw one man stagger and I held up the other one. I had them both taken in the cycle shop and interrogated, when it transpires that they were salesmen awaiting the opening of a wholesale Toy Factory in the vicinity.
They had previously been interrogated by 2nd D.I.  LUXTON, who not being satisfied with their replies sent them to the cycle shop, so they could be questioned by the S.S.Man. They gave their names and addresses as JOHN PURCELL ,111 LEINSTER ROAD and JOSEPH LYNAM  38  FONTENAY  Salesmen. JOSEPH LYNAM was suffering from a slight flesh wound in the thigh. The guard inside the shop naturally thought as I did, that these two men were connected with the place. This unfortunate incident ruined any chance of getting the owners of the shop, and I decided to proceed with the removal of the contents. The Military, and an Armoured Car who were standing by for orders, were telephoned for, also an expert in explosives. The wounded man was sent on an Armoured Car to a Hospital. Major ( or Capt ) PURTELL subsequently arrived and took charge of the premises stating that he had this authority from the Police Advisors Office.
Some hours later LIEUT. KING of the R.E.s arrived and took over from this officer and shortly afterwards the work of removal was commenced

Numerous articles were taken from the premises by the Officer from the Police Advisors Office, for which he promised to give a receipt. He has not yet done so. The whole of the contents of the shop were removed, and taken direct to the search office in Armoured lorries. This office has been asked to render an inventory of the articles taken. The work of the removal was completed about 19.30 hours and the premises were closed up. Throughout the day I made exhaustive inquiries in the neighbourhood regarding the tenants  occupying the shop, without success The whole block of premises in which the shop is situated are owned by a Mr. Black , but this particular shop, together with the living rooms overhead, have for a long number of years been leased to a Mr. Yule who resides at 1 Seaview Avenue.
This gentleman was closely interrogated, and stated that he could give no information regarding the tenants in the shop, other than he received his rent a month in advance, and that he had seen about five different men in the shop whilst collecting the rent. He is not in the habit of inspecting the premises on his visits to receive the rent.
Some years ago he occupied the premises himself for the purposes of a Brass Foundry, and had himself installed the furnace. The shop was then in use as a Grocery Store by MR. DONNOLLY who subsequently gave up business and recommended Messrs HERON & LAWLESS as tentants. These people carried on the business as Cycle Agents and about two months ago gave up the business and recommended Mr. FURLONG as tenant. Mr. YULE states that he has never had any written  communication from these people, neither does he know their whereabouts or anything concerning them .Mr. DONNOLLY has also left the neighbourhood and he does not know his whereabouts.
Mr. YULE is a very elderly man and appears to be quite loyal
Dublin Castle 13 - 12 0 20          un - signed ( no - name ) CAPT.1st D.I.  O.C. " F " COY AUX. DIV.

1920 Dec 20 "On Command" that is probationary to move to Permanent Cadet

1921 Jan 21. He became a permanent Cadet. DI3

1921 Feb 10 Posted to Cashel as DI3

1922 Mar 31, pensioned from RIC

1922 Mar 30. According to ADRIC register "Joined Palestine Force. Struck off strength [of ADRIC] when called on to resign, and he did not do so." He was a Lieutenant in Palestine Gendarmerie

1922 Aug 9. Arrives in UK from Port Said on SS Ormonde, Describes himself as a Police Officer, Ireland and Palestine. Travels 2nd class.

1942 Jun 9. died at Croydon, Surrey

Palestine Police