Lt Herbert Hugh Ranken Towse


1892 Dec 15 . Born London

1901 census living in Wandsworth.

1912 Dec 13. Leaves UK for Canada. He sails 1st class with a group of bank clerks

1915 Jul . Bank of Montreal Records show that Herbert Hugh Ranken Towse Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Enlisted in July, 1915 with Canadian Exp Force. He served in France as Sergeant in the 43rd Battalion, and later as Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.

1917 Jul 1. Commissioned Lt with Canadians

1919 Oct 4. Married Lilian Herbert in Swansea

1920 Oct 12 Joined ADRIC with service no 690. Posted to F Coy

1921 Jan 1. Promoted Section Leader i/c transport

1921 Jan 24. An ADRIC armoured tender being driven from Gormanstown knocked down and killed a 7 year old child Mary Hudson in Upper Dorset St.. The tender was driven by S/Leader H Towse and contained among others T/C RJ Costigan

1921 Jan 24. Reverts to T/cadet at own request. It is not possible to tell if he was pushed or jumped. From the wording he looks too shaken to continue as i/c Trandport

1921 Mar 19. Posted to C Coy

1921 Mar 28 Section Leader i/c transport

1921 Apr 4. Posted to Q Coy and Promoted Section Leader and Transport Officer Officer of Q Coy. He must soon have been promoted to hon DI3 as Transport Officer

1921 May 25. Was at the Custom House Burning and gave evidence to the enquiry. He is a DI3.

1921 May 26 On raids with Q Coy

1921 May 27 Raids with Q Coy

1921 Jul 4 to 12 Jul on Leave

1921 Jun 22 On raid with JH Gem (IO)

1921 Jul 12. Relinquished position of Transport Officer, reverts to T/Cadet

1921 Aug 11 to 24 Aug on Leave

1921 Aug 20 Suspended.

1921 Aug 26. Struck off as a deserter

1922 Nov 14 Arrives in New York from UK. He is a Nightwatchman on the SS Majestic. Further sailing records give him as a Bar Steward

1934 May 1. Last of the shipping records. He arrives New York. He is a Steward