L Company ADRIC

1920 Oct the first men were recruited for L Coy from 18 Oct 1920. They were based a Cobh, Co Cork.

1920 Nov 21. 2 men from L Company shot on Bloody Sunday T/Cadet F Garniss and T/Cadet C A M Morris . They were in a group of 17 ADRIC in civilian clothes, who were driving along Lower Mount Street at the moment that Bloody Sunday was unfolding. (The men were on their way from their depot at Beggars Bush to the train at Amiens Station.) when they passed the scene in Mount St. They noticed the screaming housekeeper, stopped, got out of their vehicles, and surrounded the house. The 17 ADRIC were under the command of Platoon Commander T Mitchell, (who was awarded the Constabulary Medal for his bravery here)

1921 May 16. A detachment of 120 Auxiliaries arrive in Millstreet, Co Cork.  That night their supplies at Millstreet Railway Station are burnt by the IRA.  The Auxiliaries took over Mount Leader House. The date comes up in more than one report

Witness Statement 787 by Con Meaney - he was an IRA Captain says About mid-May, 1921, 120 members of the R.I.C. Auxiliary Forces took over and made Mount Leader House their Headquarters. This was an unoccupied mansion situated on its own grounds on a hill and was within half a mile of Millstreet R.I.C. Barracks. This enemy force arrived by rail, the rail bridge being recently repaired. A large quantity of stores was left unguarded by them at Millstreet Railway Station on the night of their arrival. The O/C. and 11 men of 'B' Company set fire to the wagons during the night and the whole quantity of stores was destroyed

1921 May 23. T/Cadet from L Coy wounded. A Witness Statement from T O'Connell of Dunmanway claims that 4 ADRIC lorries were sniped between Millstreet and Banteer and that 3 ADRIC were wounded. DI3 F Scott got £25 compensation for what was a skin wound

Female searchers arrived at Millstreet

1921 Jun 3. Burning of Millstreet Workhouse . A number of men from 'A' and 'B' Companies IRA, acting on a general order, destroyed by fire the major portion of Millstreet Workhouse. The patients were transferred to the remaining portion before the fires were lighted using petrol to get the blaze going. This building was only about half a mile from the Auxiliary Headquarters and had been occupied by ADRIC until "a few days" before the burning according to the Skibereen Eagle of Jun 11 and the paper put the damage at £20,000

1921 Jun 16. T/Cadet William A. H. Boyd, 21 and T/Cadet Frederick E. Shorter, 21 were killed at an ambush at Rathcoole Wood, near Millstreet, Co. Cork, and these two T/Cadets were attached to L Company. By now W E Crossey is the Company Commander and he was wounded in the ambush

1921 Jun 17 IRA fire on Mount Leader House. No injuries that I can find

1921 Jun 24. Operation Nad

1921 Jun 24 A Witness Statement from T O'Connell of Dunmanway says that Mikie Dineen was shot and killed by ADRIC at Invale (Kilcorney area). It was a patrol from L Coy that shot him

1921 Jun 25 J C Fillery appointed 2nd in Command L Coy

1921 Jul 1. Auxiliaries shot at and kill Bernard Moynihan who had finished cutting hay at Murphys farm

1921 Jul 7. Jerimiah Long, IRA Column commander, sniped Mount Leader House

1921 Sep 1. L Coy in Millstreet . See MIC of S Martin

1921 Oct 14. An incident during the truce written by the CO WE Crossey

Non observance of the Truce; I have the honour to report, with regard to the above subject, an incident which occurred In this area today. At about 12.00 hours there arrived in Millstreet from the direction of Rathmore, two open motor cars and one motor cycle. These cars contained ??? men, while one rode the motor cycle. All of them were obviously members of the I.R.A. I ascertained that they were in this village for the purpose of holding an inquest upon an individual named Murphy of this place, who was knocked down and killed by a railway train yesterday. The man who appeared to be in charge of the party was appareled in full I.R.A. uniform, including 'Sam-Browne' belt. This person with his bodyguard walked boldly through the town and was observed by my second-in-command and myself, Just outside the lodge gates of Mount Leader House, our billet. What the motive was in walking all the way out to what is practically the Company billet, I cannot say. But to my mind it would appear that this fellow (Moynihan by name and so far as we know a stranger in this district) was simply out to provoke the Crown Forces. 'Commandant' Meaney (one of the local 'heroes') was also in attendance on the man Moynihan in the town, and was wearing a 'Sam-Browne' over his mufti. The numbers of the cars that the party arrived in were,P.I. 245 & I.F. 730 and the motor bike number was P.I.935. For your information I would point out that the above is not an isolated case by any means. Frequently is the Truce being broken and ignored with impunity by these ruffians and when so provocative and flagrant an insult is offered, as was the case today, the position becomes exceedingly delicate and acute.
Millstreet, Co: Cork,
14th: October, 1921

1921 Oct 21. 12 men from L Coy suspended for 3 weeks because of bad discipline. I have not been able to ascertain exactly what they did wrong

1921 Oct 30. When FG Ferris applies for his medals on this date he gives address as Fort Carlisle, Queenstown, Cork

1921 Nov 14 A football match between L Coy and F Coy

1922 Jan. Leave Ireland

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