T/Constable William Horace Bigg


1899 Oct 31 Born Herts


1911 census at Mounley, Ware, Herts


He was in Merchant Navy in WW1 and got Merchant Marine Medal


1921 Jan 21. Joined RIC with no 78123, . Motor Driver

1921 Feb 3. Posted Kilkenny. ADRIC no (865) Posted to A Coy

1921 Apr 21. He was involved in the trench crash of the Ford car. The car was driven by Section Leader F White and ran into a blown-up bridge. Also in the car were Biggs and Platoon Commander M. McLeod (McLeod was struck off ADRIC as a deserter on 10 Sep 1921). T/Cadet SG Williams who was in one of 2 accompanying tenders also gave evidence. Biggs was the diver.T/C FF Kitching took the photo and was in a following tender

1921 Sep 10 . Posted to 4 Gds

1921 Oct 25. Pensioned out of RIC

1926 Jul/Sep Married in Ware, Herts to Cecilia Agnes Tingay

1939 Register. Living at 27 Eastern Road , Wood Green M.B., Middlesex, England with wife Catherine A Biggs.He is a newspaper rep & advertising agent

After WW2 he travels to USA and South Africa as a Company Director. He clearly made a lot of money

1987 Died Bishop Stortford, Herts

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