Prisoners of War who joined ADRIC

In WW1 there appear to have been 7300 Army officers taken prisoner out of approximately 250,000 (estimates vary to around this figure) men commissioned . ADRIC had 1592 Army officers (2131 men joined, less 426 RAF and 113 Navy) , so one would have expect to find 46 ADRIC men who had been POWs. There were in fact 56 so it was representitive of all army officers as a whole

Andrews RJ    
Ashburner JC    
Baguley WA    
Braddy AR    
Barker J    
Boyle RM    
Carre B    
Conlan RLH    
Daniel JH    
Davey HJ    
Dunlop GB    
Edgar AP    
England R    
Gatheral TM    
George PAR    
Gilbert CG    
Hardy J    
Harvey HC    
Heanley REM    
Hemphill HH    
Howitt W    
Jenkins HR    
Johnson EW    
Kelk CK    
Labatt WHE    
Lawrie W    
Martinson WF    
Marsden FA    
Marsh AGV    

McCaffrey WP

MacCartney WFR    
McNeal HS    
Milward R    
Mitchel T    
Nathan GSM    
Nocton V    
Nolan JG    
Owen HW    
Phillips TP    
Pike EA    
Pike PR    
Pownall JW    
Price WG    
Pryor JW    
Rimington HP    
Scott VR    
Sinclair SE    
Stephenson L    
Stirland H    
Stopher AC    
Stott JW    
Tinniswood JN    
Toomer JCJ    
Wainwright D    
Walmisley EA    
Whitney RT