Naval Officers in ADRIC

Of the 113 men on this list , the spread of their commissions is :-

The Naval Reserve Act of 1859 established the RNR as a reserve of professional seamen from the British Merchant Navy and fishing fleets, who could be called upon during times of war to serve in the regular Royal Navy. The RNR was originally a reserve of seamen only, but in 1862 this was extended to include the recruitment and training of reserve officers. From its creation, RNR officers wore on their uniforms a unique and distinctive lace consisting of stripes of interwoven chain.

A number of drill-ships were established at the main seaports around the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, and seamen left their vessels to undertake gunnery training in a drill-ship for one month every year. After initial shore training, officers embarked in larger ships of the Royal Navy's fleet (usually battleships or battle cruisers) for one year, to familiarise themselves with gunnery and naval practice. Although under the operational authority of the Admiral Commanding Reserves, the RNR was administered jointly by the Admiralty and the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen at the Board of Trade throughout its separate existence. In 1910, the RNR (Trawler Section) was formed to recruit and train fishermen for wartime service in minesweepers and other small warships.

On mobilisation in 1914, the RNR consisted of 30,000 officers and men. Officers of the permanent RNR on general service quickly took up seagoing appointments in the fleet, many in command, in destroyers, submarines, auxiliary cruisers and Q-ships.Fishermen of the RNR(T) section served onboard trawlers for mine clearance operations at home and abroad

At the start of the 20th century with a period of rapid naval expansion taking place it was realised that the RNR could not supply the required number of trained men and a scheme was introduced that allowed men in civilian shore jobs (unconnected with the sea) to train on a part-time basis at special shore establishments, and provided the valuable experience of real time with the fleet for a few weeks a year once a certain level of competence had been achieved. This was the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR), known as the 'Wavy Navy' on account of the rank stripes (rings) on officers sleeves being wavy rather than straight.


Name Date joined Navy Date commissioned Type of Commission Demobbed    
Agnew BVA     RNR      
Allen CE     RNR      
Armstrong JB     RNVR      
Aspill F     RNVR      
Bacon RH     RNVR      
Baker PD     RNVR      
Banks WS     RNVR      
Batchelor CEG     RNR      
Beckensale FH     R Indian Marine      
Bellier V     RNVR      
Blow SR     RNR      
Bone J2     RNR      
Boughey TA     RNVR      
Boundy JS     RNR      
Bowhill HH   not commissioned      
Brayshay W     RNR      
Briggs FP     RNR      
Campbell SP     RNR      
Carrier ST     RNR      
Chambers FJ reited own request RN      
Chubb CTB     RNR      
Cook PT     RNR      
Craven FW retired Navy bankrupt RN      
Deuchar GGA     RNR      
Dickson W     RNR      
Donnelly FJ     R Fleet Aux      
Drane EM     RNVR      
Drury A     RNR      
Duggan WG     RNR      
Dunlop RW     RNVR      
Eason H     RNR      
Forth A     RNR      
Gilbert CW     RNR      
Goold JA     RNVR      
Graves FN     RNVR      
Gravil W     RNVR      
Green WR no commission   RN      
Greenfield FD     RNVR      
Haines SJ     RNVR      
Hall PME     RNR      
Hamilton AR     RNR      
Hannan AC     RNR      
Harris RS     RNR      
Harvey RF     RNR      
Hinde TS     RNR      
Hope GB     RN      
Hunter W     RNR      
James EMV     RN      
Jenkins HR     RNR      
Keeble LA retired own request RN      
Keenan S     RNR      
Lambert CL     RNVR      
Langton FG     RNVR      
Lawrence LL     RNR      
Lawson JB     RNR      
Leipold LJF     RNVR      
Linton VW     RNR      
Littledale HF     RN      
Lobley JH     RNR      
Macartney WFR     RNR      
Marchant AF RAF        
Masurier JP     RNVR      
McCallum A     RNR      
Meredith AC     RNR      
Merrett HGD     RNR      
Miller FC retired own request RN      
Millett HW     RNR      
More AR     RNR      
Morrow WG     RNVR      
Musgrave AP     R Canadian N      
Palmer HPS     RNVR      
Parker JS retired own request RN      
Pattinson GP retired own request RN      
Petterson PE     RNR      
Pinegar G retired own request RN      
Pugsley CG RAF        
Purtell JHB     RN      
Ramsay JH     RNR      
Richardson Am     RNVR      
Riley WD     RNR      
Robertson CA     RNR      
Robinson EC     RNR      
Rogers H     RNR      
Rogerson TJ     RNR      
Ross AD     RNR      
Ryan TP     RNR      
Sayle ARW     RNR      
Simons CJ     RNVR      
Slade FH     RNR      
Small GW     RNR      
Smith AH(2)     RNR      
Smith CA     RN      
Smith CG     RN      
Smith D     RNR      
Smith TM     RNVR      
Smith TS     RNR      
Soady D     RNR      
Spencer A     RNR      
Standen JT     RNR      
Struthers A     RNR      
Taylor ATB     RNR      
Tennent CS     RNR      
Thompson TR     RNR      
Tupper CAR     RNVR      
Wainwright D retired own request RN      
Ward SVH     RNVR      
Watson AK     RNR      
Weymouth S     RNR      
White EW     RNVR      
Wilkins LGS     RNR      
Willett GT     RNVR      
Williams J moved to army   RNR      
Williamson W     RNVR      
Wilson ER     RNR      
Wilson F     RNVR      
Wilson JR     RNR      
Worsnop FE     RN