ADRIC men born in Ireland

Here are the counties of 182 Irish born members of the ADRIC

Where known, the mix of religions among the Irish born ADRIC men was (there is no way of getting the religion of non-Irish born men as that was not a English census question). The 1911 census shows in the whole of Ireland 74% of population were Catholic, 13% C of I, 10% Presbyterian and 3% other Protestant)

    Religion Born Buried
  Adams WS Protestant Westmeath  
  Alexander E J C of I Dublin  
  Allen VW Methodist Armagh Northern Ireland
  Anderson R Presbyterian Tyrone  
  Anderson WJ C of E Antrim  
  Andexser FW Presbyterian Belfast  
  Armstrong HJ C of I Fermanagh  
  Armstrong JB C of I Belfast  
  Armstrong TTW C of I Down  
  Arnold RE Presbyterian Wexford  
  Aylward EI R.C Clare Plumstead Cemetery, London
  Bain JH C of I Dublin  
  Barlow RF Protestant Dublin  
  Barnhill GFJ C of I Belfast Los Angeles, California
  Battersby JA C of I Kildare Deansgate Cemetery, Dublin
  Beatty JH R.C Dublin  
  Bell HJ C of I Dublin  
  Biggs JD C of I Waterford  
  Blackburne J C of I Antrim  
  Bolger B R.C Kildare  
  Bothwell J Presbyterian Armagh  
  Boyd JB Presbyterian Down  
  Boyle RM Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Brock A R.C Limerick  
  Brooke T R C of I Dublin  
  Brown CG Presbyterian Wexford  
  Brownrigg WX R.C Dublin  
  Buckell FE Congregationalist Cork  
  Burdge GC C of I Kilkenny  
  Carr W R.C Limerick  
  Carrette RH C of I Cork  
  Carroll J R.C Antrim  
  Carroll L R.C Mayo  
  Charles HC C of I Cork  
  Clarke PBC C of I Dublin  
  Conereny JGC C of I


  Conlin B R.C Cavan  
  Conlin TW R.C Clare  
  Coogan P R.C Kings Died Dublin 1963
  Cooper R E C of I Dublin  
  Cotton AF R.C Dublin  
  Cramer JT Protestant Cork  
  Crossey W E Presbyterian Belfast  
  Cullinan PB R.C Clare  
  Deas J Congregationalist Belfast  
  Delmore JR C of I Waterford  
  Devereaux L R.C Wexford  
  Dobbin JJ C of I Cavan Died Belfast 1923
  Dobbin JJ2 C of I Meath  
  Doran F H C of I Kildare  
  Douglas AG Protestant Antrim  
  Dowling J R.C Dublin  
  Drake TM Presbyterian Down  
  Duigenan JE R.C Kings  
  Dunne JJ R.C. Dublin  
  Duncan D C of I Belfast  
  Earle P Protestant Limerick  
  Ellis A C of I Londonderry  
  Ellison J Presbyterian Down  
  Enright T R.C Kerry never joined ADRIC
  Evans RJ C of I Londonderry  
  Fenlon EVJ R.C Down  
  Fenelon LM R.C Down  
  Fetherstonhaugh.AH C of I Cork  
  Finlason EC C of E Dublin  
  Fitzgerald GV C of I Louth  
  Fletcher AF Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Fowler WP C of I Dublin Buried Milnrow, St James, Lancashire,
  Gets CG R.C Cork  
  Gibson HM C of I Fermanagh  
  Goodbody GM Quaker Dublin Buried Friends Ground, Dublin
  Gough J J R.C Dublin Buried Vancouver, Canada
  Graham WG Protestant Londonderry  
  Greenaway WG Methodist Monaghan  
  Greene M R.C Clare  
  Greer T MacG Presbyterian Antrim  
  Haldane AJ Presbyterian Armagh  
  Hall R C C of I Cork  
  Halpin AJ R.C Louth  
  Hamilton AR C of I Galway  
  Hardy HD C of I Louth Buried Australia , Karrakatta Cemetery
  Hardy SA C of I Louth  
  Harrison WN C of I Belfast  
  Haughey H C of I Armagh  
  Hogan J ? Tipperary  
  Holmes SB C of I Meath  
  Hughes L Presbyterian Belfast  
  Johnston EW Presbyterian


  Jones JRD C of I Antrim  
  Keating J R.C Wexford  
  Kendall J C of I Dublin  
  Kennedy RN C of I Belfast  
  Kent RC C of I Wicklow  
  Littledale HF Protestant Westmeath  
  Lyons RE Protestant Down  
  Lyons TE C of I Monaghan  
  MacKeown IT Presbyterian Belfast  
  Macready RAA C of I Fermanagh  
  MacRory RR C of I Dublin  
  Mahood HA C of I Down  
  Malone A R.C. Tyrone  
  Mansfield EFH C of I Donegal  
  Marsh GAV C of E Louth  
  Martelli HdeC C of I Dublin  
  Martin S Wesleyan Antrim  
  Mason CH R.C Down  
  McAllister LW C of I Antrim  
  McCammond.CRW Presbyterian Belfast  
  McCarthy CJ R.C Cork  
  McCarthy LF R.C Dublin  
  McCartney JRF C of I Antrim  
  McCausland J C of I Tyrone  
  McClelland EW Presbyterian Armagh  
  McConnell W R Presbyterian Belfast  
  McFarland J C of I Leitrim  
  McKenna.DA R.C Clare  
  McMonagle DBC Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Meredith AC Protestant Down  
  Meredith DW Protestant Belfast  
  Mills TR C of I Cavan  
  Moore F Methodist Belfast  
  Moore WM C of I Dublin  
  Morrison FW Presbyterian Belfast  
  Morrow WG Presbyterian Belfast  
  Moyles S C of I Queens  
  Munn J C of I Dublin  
  Murphy JL R.C. Dublin  
  Murphy JTJ R.C Kerry  
  Murray JJ R.C Louth  
  O'Brien PJ R.C Dublin  
  O'Byrne D McM R.C Dublin  
  O'Callaghan E R.C Cork  
  O'MahonyGJCT R.C Dublin  
  O'Neill PJ R.C Tyrone  
  O'Rourke TJ R.C Wexford  
  O'Sullivan DL R.C Dublin  
  Pearson HS Quaker Armagh  
  Phillips WHG C of I Roscommon  
  Phipps WC C of I Cork  
  Poe AP C of I Tipperary  
  Power JA RC Waterford  
  Rankin R Presbyterian Down  
  Ridgeway CF C of I Dublin  
  Riordan E M R.C Tipperary  
  Rooney BA R.C Leitrim  
  Ross E Presbyterian Dublin  
  Russell M R.C Limerick  
  Scott F Presbyterian Monaghan  
  Scott JBP Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Semple AW C of I Wexford  
  Shaw FC C of I Louth  
  Shiel RF R.C Dublin  
  Smith JV R.C Tipperary  
  Smythe JJ Methodist Londonderry  
  Snow AW Protestant Dublin  
  Stewart T B Presbyterian Antrim  
  Stoker DH C of I Cork  
  Sunderland S J C of I Cork  
  Sweeny JY Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Taylor J R.C Dublin  
  Taylor WHH Presbyterian Dublin  
  Thompson AC Presbyterian Londonderry  
  Thompson RAJ C of I Cavan  
  Tivenan JJ R.C Sligo  
  Toolan WB R.C Tipperary  
  Tottenham AGL C of I Leitrim  
  Trenaman RH C of E Dublin  
  Turner TM C of I Dublin  
  Valentine TA Presbyterian Belfast  
  Walsh JJ R.C Wexford  
  Watson SG Presbyterian Belfast  
  Welch FY R.C Cork  
  Wells G L Protestant Dublin  
  West WG Protestant Cork  
  White G C of I Leitrim  
  Whiting WH Protestant Cork  
  Williams EC Methodist Antrim  
  Wilson GW C of I Down  
  Winn AE R.C. Westmeath  
  Woods HT R.C Dublin  
  Young AF C of I Down  
  Young JJ Presbyterian Down  


Birthplaces of all ADRIC recruits