Platoons in O Coy

2 Platoons, comprising of 39 men arrives from K Coy when it was disbanded. No Platoon Commander, nor Section Leaders went with them.

The transfer was dated 13 Mar 1921. These were all men who had joined after the Burning of Cork

Remove 5 of the men who stayed less than a month, and one who was promoted to S/Leader, gives 6 sections of 6 men


A draft of 25 men arrives from N Coy following the Trim looting which is the remnants of the platoon involved in the looting. They move on to P Coy on 5 Mar 1921, so were only nominally attached to O Coy for 2 weeks. They would be 4 sections of 6 men

And the normal intake to O Coy of new recruits. Presumably to make up 2 more platoons as the N Coy men had been moved on to P Coy on 5 Mar 1921. There are 58 men in this group, of who 29 were posted to N Company to make up the numbers on 13 Feb 1921. So only 29 stayed in O Coy, and of these only 14 became permanent part of O Coy, and by the end of Apr 1921 this has been augmented to 3 sections , giving O Coy its establishment of 8 Companies

O Company ADRIC