190 Interesting ADRIC men

A personal compilation of some 190 of the most interesting lives from those who served in the ADRIC

Aldenton S.W MC. He appears to have had 5 "marriages". Convicted of bigamy  
Andrews RJ DSO.MC.Russian Pow. Died in an engineering accident in 1923  
Arnott JE Irish Air Corps. Suicide Australia  
Ashburner JC Rhodesia pioneer  
Austin HN Interesting life  
Baker TGstB Fascist. Interned in WW2  
Ballantine RHW Gold Coast Police Commissioner  
Barber HS From Coy Commander in 1922 to a workhouse death in 1939  
Barker AT Interesting affair  
Barnes EH Ordained  
Barrett ESM Group Captain in WW2  
Battersby JA Ordained  
Bence EWJ OBE.MC. Left nearly £200,000 when he died  
Benson HA US citizen, became UK citizen, only an "hon" officer  
Biggs JD Fraud conviction  
Blake AM Murdered in IRA ambush  
Blake AT Jailed looter in Ireland. Later a convicted con man  
Blow SR Jailed fraud  
Boyle DHM Secret Service  
Breakell TK Ran aviation company. Died air crash  
Brown CG Murdered in Palestine  
Bruce CS DSO,MC. Convicted of theft with his nephew AET Bruce  
Bruce AET Convicted to theft with his uncle Bruce CS  
Budd CHG Fascist, interned WW2  
Burgess G MC. Rancher in Colombia  
Cady GLC Shanghai Police. Interned by Japanese in WW2  
Cafferata RO Palestine Police  
Calderwood DB Interesting  
Carre B A varied career  
Caudell CHJ Convicted Trim looter, forfeited MC, got it restored in WW2.  
Caulfield HF Served in Irish Army in 1922  
Champ-de-Crespigny A varied life  
Clark JHG Gaoled and flogged for robbery with violence  
Clevely HD Author  
Compton FCH POW in WW2. Wireless Operator on a ship sunk by German Raider Atlantis  
Cooke CC Ordained  
Cope ML Inherited Baronetcy at age of 88  
Corson WMcC Gaoled in blackmail case  
Costigan RJ His 5 year old daughter was brutally murdered in USA  
Courtenay HD Gaoled 5 years for sex offences, then another 5 years for same  
Cox RB Trim looter acquitted  
Craven FW Killed at Clonfin Ambush  
Curling CN A life full of problems  
Davidson DP Commercial pilot. Died in air crash  
Dench JR MC and 2 bars, lost his commission  
Dewar A Became US citizen, interned by Japanese in WW2  
Dolphin CB Varied life  
Dudley GV Varied life  
Duncan D Protestant Violence in Belfast 1922  
Ekins TA Re-instated Trim looter. Shot in India in 1926  
Enright T Shot Thurles 1921. Novel written about him  
Ensor RCH Clergyman and doctor  
Evans GETH Indian Police  
Faraday JAM Interesting life  
Featherstonhaugh Game warden in Malaya. Japanese Pow in WW2  
Fillery JC Interesting life  
Fitzgerald GV 2 court martials  
Fitzhardy CB Born 1857  
Foley FA Murdered wife and committed suicide in Australia  
Forde FH The Kilmichael survivor  
Francis WC 16 months in gaol for theft  
French LJ Murdered by IRA . Body never found  
Galbraith AM Naturalised USA in 1929, British Consul missing and found 1948  
Garrod ES DSO, MC, DCM. Interesting life  
Gaury GSde Interesting life.  
Gilbert GF Gaoled in Hong Kong for embezzlement in 1934  
Gilkes EB Killed in fall from bus in 1923  
Goddard HGG Smuggled Jewish refugees into Palestine, married to "IRA spy"  
Goodwin PT Palestine, Jordan, Uganda. OBE.  
Gouldstone WH 2 prison sentences for fraud  
Gravenor AH Strange death of his wife  
Guard F H W CMG,DSO,CdeG. Interesting life  
Hamilton AR Torpedoed in Irish ship in WW2  
Hamilton FL Slavo British Legion, Gold Coast Police  
Haines SJ Interesting life. Albert Medal  
Harcourt JV Strange tale of Princess Paleologue  
Hart DR Interesting life  
Hart EW Interesting life  
Hart VA Guilty but insane of Canon Magner's murder  
Hedley JCD DSO, MC, CdeG. Interesting life  
Hemming HSL Interesting life  
Hemsley BW Interesting life  
Herbert MG Changed his name. Committed suicide  
Hinchcliffe H Acquitted of Drumcondra murders. Lived in India and Ghana  
Jacoby CH Ordained  
James EMV Palestine Police and Granada Police  
Jeans JE Palestine Police and Malaya and Singapore  
Jenkins HR Torpedoed in both WW1 and WW2  
Johns DM Actor  
Johnston EW Commander P Coy. Interesting life  
Johnson ALT Varied life  
Johnstone NstC Drink Driving and gaol  
Kenyon HH Arctic explorer. Knighted  
King WL Commander F Coy. Interesting life  
Kirkwood JHM Commander A Coy. Interesting life  
Knight H Interesting life  
Kyles JM Superintendent in Palestine Police  
Lancaster FG Bahamas Police  
Latimer OWRG Coy Commander K Coy when Cork burnt  
Leach JE VC. The best of 3 VCs in ADRIC  
Lewis A Group Capt in WW2 in Canada  
Littledale HF Interesting service record  
Lowdell EL Interesting life  
Luck GHC 2 fraud convictions  
Lyle H Murdered his wife and then committed suicide  
Lyons TE Drink problem  
Macartney WFR 10 years gaol as a spy  
MacFie TG Interesting life, not without its problems  
MacKinnon JA Murdered by IRA on Tralee Golf Course 1921  
MacRae WF Interesting life  
Martinson WF Interesting life  
Maynard JF Interesting life  
McLaglen CH Actor  
McNeal HSD Served under an alias. Could not get his own name back  
Menzies HS Interesting life  
Menzies WK Interesting life  
Mitchell LR Murdered by IRA, body never found  
Mitchell T Interesting life  
Moon WA Interesting life  
Morse GA Murdered his lover in Aus, released after 12 years & died New Zealand  
Murphy JTJ Helped the IRA  
Nathan GM Lord Mayor of Limerick murder. Emigrated Canada. Died in Spanish Civil War  
Newnham SAC Difficult times in Australia  
Nicol AP The D Coy Commander that Crozier dismissed  
Nicol EM Wing Commander in WW2  
Norton JB

Interesting life

O'Mahony GJC Palestine Police Manager Irish Times. Father of Dave Allen. Died Dublin  
O'Neill PJ Murdered Dublin 1921  
O'Rourke TJ Cashiered in WW1  
Onions G VC. Colourful life  
Parry M Welsh International at football  
Paulson P His body found floating in the Liffey in 1935  
Petre EH Heir presumptive to title of Lord Petre  
Phelps GP Ordained  
Pitt JC Down on his luck  
Pritchard W Scenes in court  
Pritt WA 5 aircraft shot down, problems with cheques  
Rae RH Ended up as a down and out in Australia  
Reynolds JC Supplied the IRA with intelligence, later joined Irish Army  
Rivers JE Married 4 times widowed 3 times before he was 50  
Robinson CDS Ordained  
Rogerson TJ Died when a Japanese Pow in WW2  
Rowlandson JH Fascist. False pretences  
Ryan TP Interesting life  
Sayle ARW Distinguished Naval career  
Schulze CFL "The man who burnt Cork"  
Scott F Great bravery. Theft  
Sharp JE Japanese POW in WW2  
Sharp SF Interesting life  
Shiner GLO Interesting life  
Shoosmith H Brought up in Russia  
Slynn HJ Interesting life  
Sigrist AE Palestine police  
Smith, Buxton C Company Commander. Shot himself in London in 1922  
Smith CA Died at fall of Singapore  
Smith HG Brigadier in WW2  
Spenle HE Short, but interesting life  
Stiven DD Alec Guinness' step father  
Stopher AC Interesting life  
Stott JW A life of crime  
Swain CPD Interesting life  
Swain OB WW2 Group Captain, killed in Air Raid  
Taylor LB Torpedoed in WW2  
Taylor FA 4 marriages  
Tinline GCM Interesting life  
Tessyman CVS Interesting life  
Toller LIM Was 16 when he joined ADRIC and could never have been an officer  
Tottenham AGL Interesting life  
Trump DJW Probably a bigamist  
Truran JL Probably a bigamist, certainly an embezzler  
UnderwoodRLA Died in WW2 shipping attack  
Valentine WC Sailing adventure  
Vickers CE Propaganda photographs  
Vincent FC Interesting life  
Wainwright D Odd death  
Wake CstA Interesting life  
Waller C Interesting life  
Walmisley AA Died aged 101  
Wardrop AT Travelled  
Watkins HE Would be Antarctic aviator with Mawson in 1911  
Watts RH RM mutiny in North Russia  
Webster JS Heroin addict  
Weymouth WRF Resigned commission in WW1  
White EW Interesting life  
Whur E Lived in Kenya  
Wiles PG A life of crime  
Wilson ER Strange life  
Wood EA DSO & 3 bars. Commandant of ADRIC after Crozier  
Woodward WL Stunt pilot  
Young HA Australia. Fraud. Died in plane crash